Nah Skwell

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NaAccéder au site officiel de la société Nah Skwellh Skwell was born and is growing-up at the tip of Brittany, in Finistère.
Deeply rooted in several years of standing-it up, this young brand found its true colours following hours spent practicing the different Stand-Up-Paddling disciplines, and even more hours of discussion in the shaping room.

Our team explored any design option, to try and offer to beginners and top riders alike: innovative and refined shapes, duly proved after hours on the water. Thinner, less voluminous and less cumbersome, those shapes are, nevertheless, more stable and offer beginners true « surfing » sensations from day one, without neglecting accessibility.
Competition-proved, the latest Nah-Skwell shapes have allowed brand-manager Bruno Andre to get in the top 3 of Wave-contests and win most long-distance races, in France.
Nah-Skwell shapes are approved for production after hours of free-session in France’s most stunning waves or in the longest distance races!
Nah-Skwell shape and development is run by Pascal Gerber & Bruno André, both with 20+ years of experience in the industry. They have learned enough to concentrate on true innovations, those which open the door to new sensations and allow your board to please and surprise you ever more in each new session. We, at Tridenn, know that we can only have one goal: maximise your exhilaration!

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